Meet Duffy T. McGraw

Born August 15, 2014 Duffy T. McGraw, the lovable pug, wants to take children on an exciting adventure full of fun and friends. In this new picture book children will learn, along with Duffy, that their next new friend may be someone they never expected.

Duffy teaches children not only to find similarities with others but also to celebrate their differences. Through Duffy, children can expand their horizons and their vocabulary. A “Continue the Learning” section offers conversation prompts to start important discussions with children about friendship and inclusivity.

Duffy was born in Ames, Iowa to parents Winston and Lady; he has two siblings Mike and Lizzie. His human family loves sports so they decided to name the puppy after two of their favorite major league baseball players—both of whom had great energy and personality—just like the little pug.

His human parents moved the family to New York when Duffy was just a month old; they lived in a large apartment building in the city where Duffy and his family would often sit on the front steps so that he could watch the people walk past. He loved being out there because both adults and children would stop and pet Duffy and that would make him squirm with delight. Sometimes in the evening, he and his family would go to the park and play and there were even times when his human mom and dad took him to special places such as a day care center so that children could play with him. He loved running and jumping with them.

When Duffy was one year old, the family decided to move to the suburbs where there is more space for everyone to play outside. There, they no longer lived in a big building but their own house with lots of grass and trees—Duffy loved his new home and the opportunity to make new friends.

This little pug loves to play but when he gets tired he often takes a nap in the sun by the large glass doors in the living room. At night he always snuggles next to a member of his human family—even though he snores—they love it too. Duffy thinks that one of his jobs is to greet everyone who visits –not only does he meet them at the door with his tail wagging, but always sits next to them so that they can scratch him under his leg or behind his ears. He never seems to get tired of that. His favorite toy is a cube that has special treats in it and when he figures out how to move it in a certain way one of the treats falls out and he eats it. He is very smart so he gets lots of treats. Duffy loves sharing the crust of the toast his human mom eats for breakfast each morning. He also loves to go to the store and share a hamburger—without the bun—with his human family. Duffy loves music—at least the music that his mom plays on the piano. You can always find Duffy lying next to his human mom’s feet when she plays the piano. He is not shy and enjoys having his picture taken and whenever there is a picture of the family, Duffy is always right in the middle of it.

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