It is not easy to move to a new place and make friends, especially with a group of neighbors who see themselves as different.  But Duffy has a special way of showing that we are not so different after all.

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Woof Woof, (that means hello!)

Let me tell you something about me.  I love making new friends.  I hope that you will be one of them.  My family takes me in the car for long rides.  They know that I love looking out the window.  Do you?  Sometimes, we go to the park where I run around with other dogs. 

Sometimes, when the weather is hot, we even go to the beach.  I can swim.  I do the doggy paddle.   One of my favorite things to do is lie in the sun by a big window in our house.  I like taking naps.  Do you?


I hope that you will write to me.  Tell me what you like to do.  I love hearing from my friends.  A pug can never have too many friends.


Love and Licks,


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"Ms. Giordano’s well-crafted story and message, given through a friendly little pug, is both uplifting and timeless.  May we all learn through this book to have a heart like Duffy—the world would definitely be a better place for it."


Reading and Writing Specialist



"Duffy’s journey through his new neighborhood making unlikely friends along the way demonstrates what we all strive for—acceptance—by discovering ways we are all similar rather than different. Duffy eloquently reminds us to look beyond the exterior and preconceived ideas we have of each other and just “be friends.”  This is a beautiful story for everyone to enjoy and ponder."


School Psychologist



"This profound lesson about friendship is taught in such a simple, clear and creative way that all audience members will be actively engaged in the little pug’s adventure.  Although, the author wrote this for young children, there is so much in the story that can be used for discussion and creative writing opportunities through adulthood.  Duffy is a masterful teacher."


Reading and Writing Specialist

Coming Fall 2017...

"Duffy T. McGraw Learns to Help, a Special Look at What it Means to Be a Therapy Dog"

Meet Duffy T. McGraw:

Will You Be My Friend?

Hardcover $15.95

Available in English and Spanish

Duffy T. McGraw:

Will You Play with Me?

Hardcover $15.95

Available in English and Spanish

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Virginia Giordano


Virginia is a multiple award-winning educator who is the author of the DO NOW: UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN HISTORY in 5 MINUTES series for high school students. This is her first young children’s book featuring the “Little pug with the big heart,” and she plans other adventures for Duffy.


Ms. Giordano lives in Westchester County, New York where she works with teachers, schools and districts who are striving to improve the quality of education for all of their students. 


Duffy and Ms. Giordano love hearing from you!

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